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- This site has been enriched by the contribution of many documents kindly shared by descendants of 1939 - 1940 Air Force combatants.

Below is the list of these contributors, to whom I would like to express my heartfelt thanks.

Mr ABBO Ronnie Sub- Lieutenant Clément LEVY was his Great Uncle
Mr ACKERMAN Gérard Eugène DUTARTRE was the brother of Mr Ackermann's grandmother
Mr ANCET Robert Son of Lieutenant Victor ANCET from GR II/22
Mr ASTRUC Jean-Charles Son of Sergent Roger ASTRUC from GB II/34
Mr AUDOUX Gilles Son of Caporal-Chef Abel AUDOUX from GB I/31
Mr BELOGROTE Arnaud Little cousin of Sergeant BELOGROTE of GBA II/35
Mr BENTLEY Frédéric Delegate of the Fondation de la France Libre
Mr BERNHEIM Marc The Lieutenant Pierre BERNHEIM was his Father
Mrs BEUZIT-POCHART Monique Daughter of the Adjutant Laurent POCHART from GB I/31
Mr BOCQUET Hervé Detail on Captain Marcel CHASTANET

Mr BOUGEY Pierre-François

Cousin of sub-Lieutenant André BELIN from GB I/19
Mr BRIAND Philippe Nephew of Sergeant Henry VERANT from GAO513
Mr BROCKER Sébastien Lieutenant Hyppolyte LAEMMEL was the cousin of Mr BROCKER's grandmother.
Mr CAMBEFORT Yves The Sub-Lieutenant Jacques CAMBEFORT from GR II/36 was his Father.
Mr CARTERON Jean-Claude Private 1st Class Georges CARTERON from GAO 586 was his Uncle
Mr CASTRE Hervé Sergeant Daniel CASTRE from GR I/14 was his Father
Mr CAZENAVE Denis Son of Captain François CAZENAVE, observer at GR II/33
Mr CERCUEIL Etienne Son of Sergeant Jean CERCUEIL from GB I/31

Mr CLERC Richard

Sergeant Raymond DELAMARE was a cousin of Mr CLERC's mother
Mrs COADOU Michelle Commander Marcel COADOU was is Father - GC I/2
Mr CRISTESCU Michel Mr CRISTESCU shared with me the GR I/22 march diary detailing the period from June 1940 to 1941.
Mr CUGNOT Thierry Staff-Sergeant Georges CUGNOT was his father
Mr DE-LANGALERIE François-Xavier Lieutenant DE-LANGALERIE Bernard of GB II/62 was his Great Uncle
Mr DE SAINT-ALBIN Guilain Family of the Commander RAGUENET DE SAINT-ALBIN from GC I/4 - GC I/4
Mrs DE LA ROQUE France Sub-Lieutenant DE LA ROQUE from GAO 511 was his Uncle
Mr DUCASSE David Great Grandson of Commander THABAULT of GAO 503
Mr DUPORT Dominique Chief-Warrant Officer DUPORT Henri from GB II/63 was his Uncle
Mr FEIND Jean-Claude Lieutenant Julien HATIER was his great-uncle
Mr FERRERO Didier Mr FERRERO shared with me the Golden Book of 51 Wing
Mme FRELOT Sonia Daughter of Lieutenant Henri JEAN of GB II/38
Mr GARRON Joel Mr Joel GARRON : Captain Roger GABRY was his maternal grandfather
Mr GISCLON Jacques Son of Sergeant Jean GISCLON du GC II/5 - GC II/5
Mr GUADELLI Jean-Luc Little Nephew of Sub-Lieutenant Aimé TROYES from GC II/3 - GC II/3
Famille GUERIN Family of Staff-sergeant André GUERIN from GR II/33
Mr GUIHENEUF Pascal Staff Sergeant Auguste GUIHENEUF was his paternal Grandfather
Mr HOFFERT Freddy Son of Staff-Sergeant Alfred HOFFERT
Mr HUBAC Aurélien Great Grandson of Staff-Sergeant CLAUDOT - Page Fernand CLAUDOT
Mr LEBOUT Adrien Mr Adrien LEBOUT is the great grandson of Chief Warrant Officer Joseph BECK of GB II/38
Mr LE-CERF GALLE Xavier The adjutant Auguste VEROTS, from GC I/1, was his Grandfather - GC I/1
Mr LEGRAND Jean-Jacques Warrant Officer Roland MALHERBE was his Grandfather.
Mr LEMARCHAND Hervé Flag Bearer of the Commune of Thil-Manneville, crashing commune of Potez 63-11 No592 of GAO 509
Grandson of Sergeant Pierre MARCADET
Mr MARENCO Dominique Detail of the accident of Farman F222.2 No13 on 27 January 1942
Mr MENUT Gérard Son of the widow of Second Lieutenant André Giron from GAO 509
Mme MOINDREAU Martine Niece of Sergeant BELOGROTE of GBA II/35
Mr MORDACQ Pierre The Captain Patrick MORDACQ was his grandfather
Mr MOYAUX Laurent The Adjutant Gilbert RION was his Great Uncle
Mme NEWLAND Anne Daughter of Sergeant Marie-François LECLERC from GB I/34
Mr PERTON Christophe Son of 2nd Class André PERTON from GR II/33
Mr QUIDEAU Jean-Claude Staff Sergeant Corentin QUIDEAU, GB I/31 was his Great Uncle
Mrs RATAJCZAK Anne Claire Granddaughter of Chief Warrant Officer Emile FLAMANT from GB I/31
Mr RERYCH Michal Mr RERYCH's Aunt was the niece of Sub-Lieutenant Jan KLÁN - GC II/5
Mrs ROUSSEL Josyane Daughter of Sergeant Marcel CHARBONNIER from GBA II/35
Mr SAINT-BONNET Dominique The Sergeant Aimé SAINT-BONNET from GAO 543 was his Father

Mr SAUREL Xavier

GrandSon of Captain Eugène STEFF from GB I/25

Mr STEFF Joel-Pol

GrandSon of Captain Eugène STEFF from GB I/25
Mr VERGNET Roger Son of Chief-Warrant Officer Roger VERGNET from GB I/31
Mme VICEDO Monique Staff Sergeant Antoine MOXICA was his mother's brother - GR I/33


- The citations or decorations listed below are taken from the « Source / Bibliothèque nationale de France »

- Many dates and places of Birth are extracted from the site : "Mémoires des Hommes"

- Books :

Ils étaient là
Author : Jacqueline et Paul MARTIN
Editions : Aéro-Editions
"L'AMIOT 143"
Authors : Jérome RIBEIRO et Michel LEDET
"The Eyes of the 7th Army - I/35 Reconnaissance Group in the Western Campaign"
Author : Franck POIRE
Dewotine D520
Author : J. CUNY / R.DANEL
DOCAVIA Editions Larivière
Curtiss H75
Author : L. Persyn
Bloch 152
Author : S. Joanne
Morane MS406
Collective Work
Les Ailes de Gloire No13 : "Dewoitine D500 ~ D510"


"Le GC I/2 dans la Campagne de France"
Author : Alain COSTE / Bernard PHILIPPE" Editions LELA-PRESSE
"Le GC II/4 en 1939-40"
Authors : Bernard PHILIPPE
"Furies et Crocodiles"
Author : Rémi BAUDRU
"La Chasse Française inconnue Mai-Juin 1940 "
Auteur : Matthieu COMAS
Les Ailes de Gloire No3 :
"Bloch 150 / 151 / 152 / 155 / 157 et 700 C1 "
Editions LELA Presse
Hors série Avions :
"Les Chasseurs Caudron et Dérivés"
Authors : Matthieu COMAS / Michel LEDET
Editions LELA Presse


The sources of the documents or photos visible on this site are mostly cited when they are known.

Otherwise, and if a photo or document was protected, it would obviously be possible to add the source or remove the document according to the request. This site has the sole and unique objective of sharing and has no profit-making purpose.











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