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This site is dedicated to the French Air Force in 1939-40. You will find several chapters that will describe this French Aviation so often criticized and unjustly accused of being partly responsible for the disaster experienced by the French Army.
This site is composed of 693 pages in French, and is fully available in English. Here is the detail of the content :
The units of the Air Force are divided by geographical zones : you will find here the detail of this division
78 of the major French planes are described here : features, history, photos, list of aircrafts,...
119 squadrons of all arms are listed. You will also find a section on the Squadron Badges
To date, 3383 pilots and crew members are present in my lists. They are arranged in alphabetical order and by Weapon. The list is completed regularly but will probably never be exhaustive ...
This heading, added in June 2020, lists the non-flying personnel of the Squadrons: Mechanics of course, but also administrative, logistics, health,... personnel. Shadow fighters, about whom so little is said, yet they have their place on this site. They have played an essential role in enabling the Pilots and Crews to accomplish their missions.
In this chapter, are presented some uniforms, equipment, helmets, parachutes, and grades in force in the Air Force in 1939-1940
You will find here the 2447 citations published in the Official Journal for feats of arms between September 1, 1939 and the Armistice of June 1940. They are classified by Weapons and in alphabetical order.

The "Markings" and "Organization" rubrics remain to be built

You will find here an overview of the aircrafts used by the different belgian, Axis (Germany and Italy) or Allied (Great Britain, Belgium, Holland) : 26 foreign aircrafts are presented in these pages.
I wanted to trace here the different locations of the 144 Air Force Squadrons. You can see, over time, the movement of units pushed south to the Armistice.
Here you will find the results of the French victories. This balance sheet is still discussed, since, according to sources, the figures oscillate between 350 and 1000 victories ... For my part, I recorded 687.5 Victories sure and 273 probable

I have drawn in these pages, a report of the losses of the French units: Killed, wounded or prisoners to illustrate if necessary the heavy tribute paid by the French crews

Here will be briefly presented, the French aircraft manufacturers, which will never really meet the needs of the French Aviation in full change. These will be destabilized by the multitude of rearmament plans and recent nationalizations. They will however provide some great achievements, but the events will unfortunately prevent them from demonstrating their qualities.
The page that should allow not to get lost in the 695 pages of the Site ...
Some interesting links on the period 1939 / 1940. To consume without moderation.
You will find here the main publications on the French Aviation in 1939-40 : Magazines, books, comics and advertisements of epochs. This section is to be completed over time.


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