Balance Sheet of Casualties

The Troops on the ground and the Refugees thrown on the roads often cursed the French pilots who were never present to protect them from the terrifying "Stukas" ... Yet the French pilots were there but caught in fighting away from the lines or at altitude. They also paid a heavy price during the fighting, with old equipment and almost always in great numerical inferiority.

During the 45 days of the French campaign, 598 pilots and Crew members were killed and nearly 500 others were injured.

In the tables below, the balance sheets of casualties, and in the pages on the left-hand menu, the identity and unity of the men who lost their lives during the fighting, whether by accident or by fighter.

Total casualties
736 Men including 189 per accident
- During the "Funny War" :
From September 3, 1939 to May 9, 1940
- During the Campaign Of France :
From May 10, to June 24, 1940


Distribution of casualties
- Casualties for the Fighter Aviation
Including 18 Polish pilots and 13 Czech pilots

- Casualties for the Reconnaissance

- Casualties for the bombardment





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