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The aviation of military transport, reduced to its simplest expression in peacetime, is reinforced with the declaration of the War by the requisition of civilian equipment. Aircrafts of all types are therefore assigned to the various transport units in order to fulfill the numerous tasks entrusted to them.

These include Potez 62 or Wibaut 282/283T in the SAT (Aerial Transport Sections). These, "lended" by Air France, will be used to ensure the transport of personnel and equipment between the various sites.

We can also mention SAL (Light Aircraft Sections), which will be used for the various links. In these units, there are numerous units recovered in the Aero-clubs : Caudron Simoun , Aiglon or Phalène , Potez 585 , Salmson D6 Cri-Cri , Potez 43 ,...

There are also SAS (Sanitary Aircraft Sections) equipped with apparatuses designed for this task such as the Bloch MB81, where again civilian requisitioned machines: Caudron Simoun, Frigate or Pelican, Farman F192 or Potez 43.

And finally, larger aircrafts such as the Dewoitine D338 , Farman NC223 or Bloch MB160 join the SALC (Long-Haul Aircraft Sections)

Another specialty is the GIAT (Air Infantry Group). Both paratroop units are equipped with Potez 650 or Farman F224 for transport or dropping. Since the General Staff does not know how to use these units, they will not intervene directly in the fighting...


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