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Technical Specifications
Civil transport three-engined aircraft with low wings and retractable landing gear
Date first flight
November 23,1938
26,95 m 
5,57 m 
Wing Area
82 m2 
Empty Weight
6755 Kg 
Max. Takeoff Weight
15500 Kg 
Cruising Speed
260 km/h. 
Maximum Speed
390 km/h
Climbing Speed
Service ceilling
1000 kms
2 Men
3 engines Gnôme Rhône GR14N of 960 Hp each
24 Passengers



Single Dewoitine D342 was built for Air France since the date of the first flight on November 23rd, 1938. It is registered F-ARIZ



Dewoitine D.342 is the ultimate version of the series of planes commercial three-engined aircrafts of Dewoitine. It is of completely metallic conception, in low wing with a retractable landing gear. Its drawing is purer than that of his predecessor, the D338, with a wider fuselage, of egg-shaped section which allowed him to take 24 passengers and two crew members. The access to the aircraft is made left-hand side, by a door situated behind the cockpit. It is motorized by three Gnomes-Rhône 14N of 960 ch with three-blade propellers in variable steps. Its reservoirs of a total capacity of 2600 liters authorized him an autonomy of 1000kms approximately.

The aircraft makes its first flight on November 23, 1938. It will be delivered to Air France only in 1942, under registration F-ARIZ and chartered on African lines. On September 27, 1942, the plane, which was supposed to go to Dakar, crashed on the takeoff of Amer El Ein, 70 km from Algiers. There were no survivors.


Dewoitine D342 was built for Air France only in one version.



1 )_ Editions LELA PRESSE ; Revue "Avions" n°179 et 180
- "Dewoitine D342 : l'oiseau rare d'Air France"


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