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Technical Specifications
Bomber medium four-seat with median wings and retractable landing gear
Date first flight
December 6,1937
22.83 m 
14.50 m 
4.18 m 
Wing Area
67.50 m2 
Empty Weight
6500 Kg 
Max. Takeoff Weight
11300 Kg 
Cruising Speed
420 km/h. 
Maximum Speed
485 km/h at 5000m 
Climbing Speed
4000m in 6mn 12s 
Service ceilling
2470 kms with 800 kg of bombs
4 Men
2 Radial Engine Gnôme & Rhône 14 cyl 14N-48/49 of 1100ch at 4450m
1 machine-gun MAC 34 of 7.5mm in fornt with 500 rounds
machine-gun MAC 34 of 7.5mm ventral with 800 rounds
1 cannon Hipano Suiza of 20mm dorsal with 120 rounds
800 Kgs of bombs (1250 kg maxi) in bomb bay



88 Amiot 354 have been built since the date of the first flight on December 6, 1937.They are divided into:

  • 86 Amiot 351 / 354 (Not certified)
  • 1 Amiot 356
  • 1 Amiot 370F

To date, out of the 86 aircraft manufactured , 32 are listed in the list below :




In 1936, the Société Amiot presented a new aircraft at the Salon de l'Aéronautique: the Amiot 341, a fast twin-engine long-haul. It is actually derived from the 340BR and 341BR projects, bi-engine bomber de retaliation three-seat. Its military descendants is blatant, since it is equipped with ventral doors opening on a hold ...

The prototype Amiot 340 n � 01, equipped with Gnome-Rhone 14 N-0/1 of 920CV, made its first flight on December 6, 1937. It was then taken into account by the CEMA for testing in March 1939. Tests that had to train a series of modifications, which were however delayed: the aircraft was used in a propaganda operation by transporting General Vuillemin to Berlin in August: the aim was to show to foreign missions the "modernity" of French aviation ...

Back in the factory, he finally received his modifications: motorization by Gnome-Rhone 14 N-20/21 of 1020CV, addition of an additional ventral defense post, installation of a double drift. Thus equipped, the aircraft became the Amiot 351 No. 01, and it resumed its tests in January of 1939.

In this version, several variants are studied: Amiot 354/356/370 / ... (see Ch. Versions below).

A first order of 130 aircraft (Amiot 351-353-354) was issued by the Ministry of Air in 1938, a figure which reached 880 aircraft after the declaration of war. The production forecast, very optimistic, provided for 130 aircraft per month.

The first Amiot 351 of series did its first flight only in November 1939, delayed by numerous modifications and frequent strikes. It was followed quickly by the first Amiot 354 of series, version that differed from Amiot 351 only by Its mono-drift. The first tests resulted in a series of modifications, and it was not until January 1940 that the tests resumed. The production started very slowly: the aircraft was complex to produce and required a lot of logistics: the fuselage was made in Colombes, the wings in Cherbourg, the drift in Boulogne-Billancourt, all assembled at Le Bourget ... So, in April 1940, only 21 aircraft were taken into account instead of the 285 planned. In May, the Air Force received a total of 17 Amiot 351 and 40 Amiot 354. Few units saw the new aircraft, and the number of machines in service could be estimated at 86. During this brief commitment period, 13 Amiot were lost, including 3 in battle. Groups equipped with Amiot 351-354 pass in AFN from 20 June. 37 aircraft crossed the Mediterranean, but 5 of them were lost for various reasons. Finally, these units equipped with aircraft without spare parts, in the production site situated in metropolis had only not much fighting value, and the survivors are repatriated in France to be disarmed.

Only 5 of them, 3 Amiot 354, Amiot 356 and Amiot 370 will be still used as aircraft of fast connections. In November 1942, during the invasion of the Free Zone, the Germans recovered 4 aircraft.



Amiot 351
Original version of the Amiot 350 series. The unit is equipped with Rh�ne 14 N-20/21 Gnome 1020 hp. It is equipped with a double drift. The cockpit of the prototype is off-center to the left of the aircraft; L'Amiot 351 n � 01 made its first flights in January 1939. The first series aircraft did not fly until November 1939 after numerous modifications: Re-centered cockpit, reduced wing surface, fuselage and enlarged drift
Amiot 354
Version equipped with a mono-drift and engines Gnome-Rhone 14 N-48/49 of 1060Cv
Amiot 356

Version powered by two Rolls Royce Merlin X and equipped with a monodérive. One copy built. This one will be evacuated on Toulouse at the end of the Battle of France

Amiot 370F
Prototype of a unique record built for the Paris / New York race, which will be canceled. The unit is powered by 2 Hispano-Suiza 12Yjrs of 860 hp



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