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In this section, you will find some brief stories of Air Force aircrew in 1939 - 1940. These individual pages have been made possible thanks to the testimonies, documents and information kindly shared by their descendants.

I thank them warmly for their trust.

Bombardment :

Sergeant Roger ASTRUC
Source Mr J.C. ASTRUC, son of Sergeant Roger ASTRUC
Master-Corporal AUDOUX Abel
Source Mr G. AUDOUX, son of Master Corporal Abel AUDOUX, machine-gunner.
Sergeant CERCUEIL Jean
Source Mr E. CERCUEIL, son of Sergeant Jean CERCUEIL, machine-gunner
Sergeant Marcel CHARBONNIER
Source Mrs Josyane ROUSSEL, daughter of Sergeant Marcel CHARBONNIER
Source Mr DUPORT Dominique, Petit-neveu de l'Adjudant-Chef Henri DUPORT
Chief-Warrant Officer FLAMANT Emile
Source Mrs A-C RATAJCZAK, granddaughter of Chief-Warrant officer Emile FLAMANT, machine-gunner
Lieutenant Henri JEAN
Source Mrs FRELOT-JEAN Sonia, Daughter of Lieutenant Henri JEAN.
Adjutant Laurent POCHART
Source Mrs M. BEUZIT-POCHART, daughter of Adjutant Laurent POCHART
Staff-Sergeant Corentin QUIDEAU
Source Mr Jean-Claude QUIDEAU. Staff-Sergeant CORENTIN was his Great Uncle
Chief-Warrant Officer Roger VERGNET
Source Mr Roger VERGNET, son of Chief-Warrant Officer Roger VERGNET





















Reconnaissance :


Lieutenant Victor ANCET
Source Mr Robert ANCET, son of Lieutenant Victor ANCET.
Sub-Lieutenant Jacques CAMBEFORT
Source Mr Yves CAMBEFORT, Son of Sub-lieutenant Jacques CAMBEFORT
Private 1st Class Georges CARTERON
GAO 586
Source Mr Jean-Claude CARTERON : Georges CARTERON was his Uncle,
Sergeant Daniel CASTRE
Source Mr Hervé CASTRE, son of Sergeant Daniel CASTRE
Lieutenant Eugène DUTARTRE
Source Mr Gérard ACKERMANN : Eugene DUTARTRE was the brother of Mr. Ackermann's grandmother
Sub-Lieutenant André GIRON
Source Mr Gérard MENUT,son of the widow of Second Lieutenant André GIRON
Staff-Sergeant André GUERIN
Source GUERIN family
Adjudant Roland MALHERBE
Source Mr Jean-Jacques LEGRAND, Grandson of Adjudant Roland MALHERBE
Sergeant Pierre MARCADET
Source Mr Ludovic MARCADET, Grandson of Sergeant Pierre MARCADET
2nd Class André PERTON
Source Mr Christophe PERTON, son of André PERTON


















Non-Flying Personnel


Sergeant Aimé AUGIER
Source Mr Dominique MARENCO, nephew of Sergeant AUGIER.
Staff-Sergeant Fernand CLAUDOT
Source Mr Aurélien HUBAC, Great Grandson of Staff-Sergeant CLAUDOT
Staff-Sergeant Alfred HOFFERT
Source Mr Freddy HOFFERT, Son of Staff-Sergeant Alfred HOFFERT






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