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In this section, you will find some brief stories of Air Force aircrew in 1939 - 1940. These individual pages have been made possible thanks to the testimonies, documents and information kindly shared by their descendants.

I thank them warmly for their trust.

Bombardment :

Sergeant Roger ASTRUC
Source Mr J.C. ASTRUC, son of Sergeant Roger ASTRUC
Master-Corporal AUDOUX Abel
Source Mr G. AUDOUX, son of Master Corporal Abel AUDOUX, machine-gunner.
Sergeant CERCUEIL Jean
Source Mr E. CERCUEIL, son of Sergeant Jean CERCUEIL, machine-gunner
Sergeant Marcel CHARBONNIER
Source Mrs Josyane ROUSSEL, daughter of Sergeant Marcel CHARBONNIER
Source Mr DUPORT Dominique, Petit-neveu de l'Adjudant-Chef Henri DUPORT
Chief-Warrant Officer FLAMANT Emile
Source Mrs A-C RATAJCZAK, granddaughter of Chief-Warrant officer Emile FLAMANT, machine-gunner
Lieutenant Henri JEAN
Source Mrs FRELOT-JEAN Sonia, Daughter of Lieutenant Henri JEAN.
Adjutant Laurent POCHART
Source Mrs M. BEUZIT-POCHART, daughter of Adjutant Laurent POCHART
Staff-Sergeant Corentin QUIDEAU
Source Mr Jean-Claude QUIDEAU. Staff-Sergeant CORENTIN was his Great Uncle
Chief-Warrant Officer Roger VERGNET
Source Mr Roger VERGNET, son of Chief-Warrant Officer Roger VERGNET





















Reconnaissance :


Lieutenant Victor ANCET
Source Mr Robert ANCET, son of Lieutenant Victor ANCET.
Sub-Lieutenant Jacques CAMBEFORT
Source Mr Yves CAMBEFORT, Son of Sub-lieutenant Jacques CAMBEFORT
Private 1st Class Georges CARTERON
GAO 586
Source Mr Jean-Claude CARTERON : Georges CARTERON was his Uncle,
Sergeant Daniel CASTRE
Source Mr Hervé CASTRE, son of Sergeant Daniel CASTRE
Lieutenant Eugène DUTARTRE
Source Mr Gérard ACKERMANN : Eugene DUTARTRE was the brother of Mr. Ackermann's grandmother
Sub-Lieutenant André GIRON
Source Mr Gérard MENUT,son of the widow of Second Lieutenant André GIRON
Staff-Sergeant André GUERIN
Source GUERIN family
Adjudant Roland MALHERBE
Source Mr Jean-Jacques LEGRAND, Grandson of Adjudant Roland MALHERBE
2nd Class André PERTON
Source Mr Christophe PERTON, son of André PERTON


















Non-Flying Personnel


Sergeant Aimé AUGIER
Source Mr Dominique MARENCO, nephew of Sergeant AUGIER.
Staff-Sergeant Fernand CLAUDOT
Source Mr Aurélien HUBAC, Great Grandson of Staff-Sergeant CLAUDOT






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