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Technical Specifications
Twin-seater of Reconnaissance with top-wings and fixed landing gear
Date first flight
Avril 1931
15,40 m 
10,18 m 
3,44 m 
Wing Area
Empty Weight
1720 Kg 
Max. Takeoff Weight
2885 Kg 
Cruising Speed
Maximum Speed
320 km/h at 4000m 
Climbing Speed
4000m in 9mn 
Service ceilling
2 Men
1 Engine Hispano Suiza 12Ycrs of 860ch
2 fixed machine-guns Vickers of 7.5mm on the hood
2 mobile machine-guns Lewis of 7.5mm in rear defense
1 machine-gun Lewis firing through the Floor and commanded the foot
200 kg de bombes



297 Mureaux of the 110 serie were built after the prototype that made its first flight on April 1931 . They are divided in :

  • 2 Protypes Mureaux 110 No 01 et 02
  • 56 Mureaux 113
  • 120 Mureaux 115 R2B2
  • 119 Mureaux 117 R2B2

To date, out of the 285 aircraft manufactured , 49are listed in the list below :



In 1928, the technical services launched a program for the realization of a two-seater reconnaissance aircraft capable of carrying 2500kgs of load at 900 kms at the maximum speed of 240km / h. ANF ??Mureaux offers the Mureaux 110, an all-metal umbrella monoplane. Seven prototypes were selected, including the Mureaux 110. This one made its first flight in April 1931 and finally won the contest. Ten units are therefore ordered in 1932. These 10 units are manufactured in several variants, including an ANF version 112-02 powered by a Hispano-Suiza 12Y with a compressor which prefigures the future ANF Mureaux 113. This one was differentiated by the adoption of a two-ply wooden propeller instead of the metal three-bladed propeller. He made his first flight on 15 March 1933. 49 copies are ordered.

The Mureaux 115 R2 is powered by a Hispano-Suiza 12Ycrs of 860hp with a radiator in front position, which changed its silhouette and improved its cooling to the benefit of its performance. It made its first flight on March 6, 1935. 122 aircraft will be manufactured.

The Mureaux 117R2 very close to the Mureaux 113 had an autonomy of 1500kms instead of 900kms thanks to larger tanks and saw its mature strengthened. The first unit was delivered as a unit in June 1934 and 119 units were produced.

The first Mureaux arrived in units from July 1934 (Mureaux 115), January 1935 (Mureaux 113) and March 1935 (Mureaux 117) replacing outdated models such as Potez 25 and Breguet 19. These latter used in Night, were replaced by 40 Mureaux 113 transformed into night fighters (CN2), including a raised turret. In April 1935, an amendment to the initial order adds 60 Mureaux 117. These, equipped with launchers under the wings become "R2B2" able to carry 400kgs of bombs.

At the outbreak of the conflict, about 221 Mureaux (28 Mureaux 113, 100 Mureaux 115 and 93 Mureaux 117) were divided into GAOs (Aerial Observation Group) or schools. It was also a Mureaux 115 of the GAO 553 which was the first French aircraft shot down on September 8, 1939. Faced with the vulnerability of this type of aircraft, their use on mission was quickly limited until the arrival of more modern twin-engines Such as Potez 63-11. But the delays in the delivery of these new devices obliged the reconnaissance units to keep a few Mureaux in service. More than 170 aircraft disappeared in the storm and at the Armistice, there were now only 58 aircraft on different grounds: 5 Mureaux 113, 36 Mureaux 115 and 12 Mureaux 117. They will all be scrapped.



Mureaux 113
Serial version intended for the French Air Force, 49 Mureaux 113 R2 for reconnaissance being delivered. After modification of 2 copies in night fighters Mureaux 114 it was decided to transform the aircraft still in service in Mureaux 113 CN2 of night gighter.
Mureaux 115
Two-seater reconnaissance and light bomber derived from the Mureaux 113 whose prototype made its first flight on March 6, 1935. This aircraft equipped with a Hispano-Suiza 12Ycrs engine with a 20 mm HS-9 cannon in the propeller hub , Was retained by the French Air Force to equip the tactical units of reconnaissance and observation and were delivered to the squadrons.
Mureaux 117

Since the production of the 12Ycrs cannon engines was given priority to the construction of the fighter aircraft, 115 Mureaux 115 cells were delivered to the French air force with a Hispano engine without a 20 mm cannon in the hub of the propeller. This model is also distinguished by a very different design of the radiator.


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