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Technical Specifications
Twin-Engine of reconnaissance four-seater with low-wings and retractable landing gear
Date first flight
August 12, 1936
20.30 m 
17.85 m 
4.1 m 
Wing Area
52.1 m2 
Empty Weight
6050 Kg 
Max. Takeoff Weight
8550 Kg 
Cruising Speed
270km/h at 3700m. 
Maximum Speed
348 km/h at 3750m 
Climbing Speed
4000m in 11mn
Service ceilling
1290 kms 
4 Men
2 Moteurs Gnôme Rhône GR14N 10/11 de 950ch chacun
1 mobile machine-gun MAC 34 of 7.5mm in front
1 machine-gun MAC 34 of 7.5mm in ventral position

1 machine-gunMAC 34 of 7.5mm in dorsal position

800 Kgs of bombs



142 Bloch of the MB 131 serie were built after the prototype that made its first flight on June 1934 . They are divided in :

  • 3 prototypes motorized by Gnôme Rhône GR 14 K Mistral Major
  • 12 Bloch MB 131 R4 four-seater for the reconnaissance
  • 5 Bloch MB 131 ins for training with dual control
  • 122 Bloch MB 131 RB4 four-seater for Reconnaissance and bombardment

To date, out of the 142 aircraft manufactured , 33 are listed in the list below :



In August 1933, under the BCR program, the Ministry of Air issued an official request for a device capable of transporting a ton of bombs over 1300km at a speed of 350 km / h at 4000m altitude. The Bloch company, in competition with 7 manufacturers, proposed its project Bloch MB130, entirely metallic. The prototype made its first flight in June 1934, equipped first of all with a fixed train. A first order of 40 aircraft was passed in October 1935 on the initial model, but Bloch company changed its Bloch 130 to Bloch MB131RB4 (Intelligence-Reconnaissance-Bombardment-4 Men), a new command is emitted instead of the first one in April, 1936, for 40 Bloch MB131RB4. The first flight of the prototype took place on 12 August 1936.

In November 1936, a second prototype was introduced, with numerous modifications: Advanced dorsal turret, addition of a ventral turret, increase of the wing rope, horizontal tail rods removed and addition of a fifth man d 'crew. This second prototype made its first flight on May 5, 1937. Problems of vibrations led to modifications that will be made on the N ° 03. The model is powered by two Gnome-Rhone 14 N10 / 11.

The first 14 units delivered are MB131 R4 (reconnaissance), the next 5 are MB131 INS (Instruction) and the 19th was the first MB131 RB4, followed by 100, the last of which was delivered in October 1939 To GR I / 36.

At the beginning of the war, the first missions quickly revealed that the MB131 is outdated, and is only used at night until it is replaced by more modern Potez 63-11. In May 1940, there was no MB131 in the front line except for the GR 61 based in AFN. After the Armistice, some specimens were transformed into a target tug.



The Bloch MB131 was produced in only two versions:

- Bloch MB131 R4

- Bloch MB131 RB4. Externally, the two apparatuses are identical; Only the MB131 RB4 wheels, the larger the different.


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