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Technical Specifications
Biplane two-seater of Reconnaissance with fixed landing gear
Date first flight
Beginning of 1925
14 m 
9,10 m 
3,50 m 
Wing Area
46 m2 
Empty Weight
Max. Takeoff Weight
2150 Kg 
Cruising Speed
170 km/h. 
Maximum Speed
207 km/h at 2000m 
Climbing Speed
Service ceilling
6700 m 
760 kms 
2 Men
1 Engine Lorraine-Dietrich 12 Eb 12cyl in W air-cooled of 450ch
1 machine-gun Vickers Fixe of 7.5mm In the fuselage firing forward
2 twin-machine-guns Darne of 7.5mm in rear turret
1machine-gun Lewis de 7.7mm firing down through a hatch placed in the fuselage
4 bombs of 50kg under the wings and 4 under the fuselage



The Potez 25 was produced in large quantities. About 2,400 aircraft were delivered to the Air Force and the Naval Aviation between 1926 and 1934, while Other 1500 were sold to the Export, made in France or under license abroad : Portugal, Yugoslavia, Romania.

To date, of the 2,400 aircraft delivered to the Air Force and the Naval Aviation, 71 are listed in the following list :



The Potez 25 was produced in very large quantities. Approximately 2,400 aircraft were delivered to the French Air Force and the Aéronavale between 1926 and 1934, while 1,500 others were sold for export, manufactured in France or under licence abroad: Portugal, Yugoslavia, Romania.



The Potez 25 was developed in multiple versions and was produced under license in Poland, Poland, Portugal, Yugoslavia and Romania.

Potez 25 1925 expérimental
Single prototype equipped with a 450 HP Hispano-Suiza 12Ga engine.
Potez 25 A.2
Two-seater observation version equipped with a Salmson 18Cmb radial engine of 520 hp or Lorraine-Dietrich 12Eb.
Potez 25 ET.2
Two-seater intermediate drive, with Salmson 18Ab radial engine of 500 HP.
Potez 25 'Jupiter'
Export version, equipped with a GNOME-Rhône 9Ac Jupiter radial engine of 420 HP. Built under license by Ikarus in Yugoslavia and OSGA in Portugal, exported to Estonia and Switzerland.
Potez 25/5
Production version equipped with a 500 HP Renault 12Jb engine.
Potez 25 TOE
The Potez 25 TOE (Theater Operation Outdoor) is a tropicalized version of the A2. It is equipped with additional tanks, and a specific equipment (Water tank, Generator, ...).
Potez 25GR
Version of long raid motorized by a Lorraine 12 Eb of 450 ch. From 10 to 12 August 1925, he made a tour of the European capitals, 7,420 km in 39 hours of flying time with six stops at an average speed of 190 km / h.
Potez 25M
A unique example with a Hispano-Suiza engine and a parasol wing. Not put into production.
Potez 25 Hispano-Suiza
Version of transport VIP, equipped with a Hispano-Suiza 12Lb of 600 HP.
Potez 25 Farman
Two-seater observation version for the French Forces, equipped with a Farman 12We engine of 500 HP. Also known as Potez 25/4
Potez 25/35
Two-seater towing version of targets.
Potez 25/55
Two-seater version of training. 40 units built.
Potez 25-O (Ocean)
Modified and reinforced version, built for a non-stop flight over the North Atlantic. Jupiter radial engine, equipped with a releasable main gear and reinforced landing pads. Constructed in two copies.
Potez 25H
Two prototypes equipped with floats, one equipped with a Gnome-Rhône 9A Jupiter radial motor.


1 ) _ Editions LELA PRESSE ; Collection "Histoire de l'aviation"
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