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Editions : LELA Presse
"Furies et Crocodiles - Morane fighting i the Battle of France - History of Fighting Group III/7 from May 1939 to August 1940"
Author : R�mi BAUDRU
"The Eyes of the 7th Army - I/35 Reconnaissance Group in the Western Campaign"
Author : Franck POIRE
"GC I/55 - The last Government Guard"
Author : Matthieu COMAS
"GC I/3 - Kings of the Dewoitine D520"
Author : Bernard PHILIPPE

"Fighting Group GCII/3 - Scavengers and Greyhounds in the storm - September 1939 - June 1940"
Author : Bernard PHILIPPE
"The GC II/4 in 1939 - 40"
Author : Bernard PHILIPPE
"The GC I/2 in the Battle of France " - 1st and 2nd Part
Author : Alain COSTE / Bernard PHILIPPE
Various books
"The Fighter Group 1/5 in the Campaign of France" - Curtiss in fight
Author : Olivier LAPRAY
Editions Casemate Publishers
"GC I/145 - A Polish Fighters Group in the Campaign of France"
Author : Bartlomiej BELCARZ
Editions : TMA SARL