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Technical Specifications
Two-seater (C2) with wings in "seagull"
Date first flight
October 1941
7,30 m 
Wing Area
22,50 m2
Empty Weight
1500 Kg 
Max. Takeoff Weight
2850 Kg 
Cruising Speed
Maximum Speed
550 km/h
Climbing Speed
Service ceilling
10000 m
2 Men
1 Engine Hispano Suiza 12Ycrs à 12 Cylinders inline Liquid-cooled of 860 Hp
1 Cannon Hispano-Suiza HS 404 of 20mm in the axis of the propeller
2 Machine-gun Mac 34 de 7.5mm in the wings
No known armaments for the turret



Only one specimen was constructed which did not give rise to any subsequent series.



The DELANNE 10 is a very special aircraft. It takes again a concept imagined in the Twenties by the engineer Nénadovitch. The lower wing of the base biplane is offset towards the rear of the aircraft to become the hirozontal tail. The upper wing is raised and adopts a gull wing shape in order to obtain a very low stall speed and to promote maneuverability. The "rear" wing receives two vertical rudders.

Although skeptical, the Ministry of Air commanded a prototype in the category "C2": Combat Tandem. The resulting Delanne 10 which resulted from it was of modern, completely metallic construction, with retractable landing gear into the fuselage, equipped with beaks of leading edge, and endowed with a turret in the back of the fuselage. The latter therefore enjoyed perfect visibility. That of the pilot was much less good with a cockpit retreated and therefore placed behind the wing whose shape in seagull masking the lateral visions.

The date of the first flight was delayed due to the late delivery of the tail wheel which did not arrive until May 10, 1940, and finally the arrival of the Germans put an end to all the tests planned. This initial flight took place only in October 1941, in the hands of the Germans, and the aircraft was sent to Germany in 1943. We have no record of these flights, but it is probable that the results did not live up to the ambitions with such a special formula ...


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- Le Fanatique de L'Aviation : No230 - 231


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