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Technical Specifications
Single-seat fighter with low wings and retractable landing gear
Date first flight
March 1942
10.70 m
9.15 m
4.30 m
Wing Area
19.40 m²
Empty Weight
2388 kg
Max. Takeoff Weight
3250 kg
Cruising Speed
Maximum Speed
670 km/h at 8500 m (710 km/h in overpower for 15 mn)
Climbing Speed
8000 m in 11 mn
Service ceilling
1100 kms at 400 km/h
1 Pilot
1 Radial engine Gnôme & Rhône R4 14 cylinder with two-stage compressor of 1580 Hp at 5000 m
2 Canons HS404 with two chargers of 60 shells
4 Machine-guns MAC of 7.5 mm with 1000 rounds



A single exemplary was built.



Bloch MB157 is the ultimate version of Bloch MB150. It is built around the engine Gn�me-Rh�ne 14 R-4 of 1700cv equipped with a turbo-compressor in two-stages. The aircraft is globally more impressive with a fuselage of wider section and a train heightened in the wider way.

The construction begins in December, 1939, but the assemblage composed of many subassemblies, advanced slowly and was disturbed by the bombing of the plant on 3 June 1940. In front of the German advance, the prototype under construction is evacuated southward, but the convoy is intercepted in Poitiers by the Germans and the plane, seized, is transferred towards the factory SNCASO of Bordeaux. It is thus in the hands of the Germans that the construction was finished and the first flights realized in March 1942 under the registration "PG + IC", with a French pilot at the controls: Zacharie Heu, former test pilot of ANF Aux Mureaux.

The aircraft has an amazing performance for the time : it reaches 710km / h and is able to climb to 7900m in 11mn only ... The planned armament was identical to that of the Bloch MB155: 2 guns Hispano of 20mm and four machine guns Of 7.5mm. After this first promising flight, the Germans transferred the aircraft to Orly: the cell, stored in a hangar, was destroyed during an allied bombardment in 1944. The engine was sent to Germany for study.

If the events had allowed it, the Bloch MB157, would undoubtedly have been a remarkable aircraft, although it is likely that its development would have taken months to be really "war good."


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