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Technical Specifications
Single-seat fighter with low wings and retractable landing gear
Date first flight
Never flown
8.90 m
7.34 m
3.40 m
Wing Area
12.40 m²
Empty Weight
987 kg
Max. Takeoff Weight
1850 kg
Cruising Speed
440 km/h
Maximum Speed
550 km/h at 4000m
Climbing Speed
Service ceilling
8700 m
2 hours
1 Pilot
1 Radial Engine Gnôme & Rhône 14 M-6 14 Cylinder air cooling of 700 Hp on take-off
2 Cannons Hispano-Suiza HS404 of 20 mm
2 Machine-guns MAC 34 of 7.5 mm in the wings



A single exemplary was built. A naval version planned to be embarked was imagined: the bloch MB720, but was never realized.



In January 1937, the Air Ministry launched a program for the design of light fighter aircraft made from non-strategic materials and available on French territory: the three competing companies, ARSENAL, SNCASO and CAUDRON logically propose CAUDRON "Cyclone" which will become Cr714, the ARSENAL VG30, and the Bloch MB700. This one made its first flight on April 19, 1940, powered by a Gnome-Rhone engine 14M6 of 700cv. The aircraft is therefore made of wood with the rear part of the fuselage covered. The wing is monobloc and its structure is composed of two transverse rails. This first test showed real qualities and led to some modifications and the second flight took place on May 13, 1940.

The aircraft, with some evolutions, gave hope for interesting performances with a speed expected 550 km / h. Unfortunately, the events did not allow the tests to continue, and the aircraft, seized on the Bucairfield by the Germans, was set on fire. The planned armament consisted of 2 Hispano HS404 20mm guns and 2 7.5mm MAC M39 machine guns


2) _ Editions LELA PRESSE ; Collection "Les Ailes de la Gloire"
- No3 :Bloch 150 / 151 / 152 / 155 / 157 et 700 C1


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