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Technical Specifications
Mono-seat Fighter  with "sesquiplan" wings and fixe landing gear
Date first flight
12.00 m 
7.64 m 
3,00 m 
Wing Area
27.41 m2 
Empty Weight
1378 Kg 
Max. Takeoff Weight
1837 Kg 
Cruising Speed
Maximum Speed
270 km/h at 5000m 
Climbing Speed
4000m in 6mn 12s 
Service ceilling
8200 m 
900 kms 
1 Pilot
1 Engine Hispano Suiza 12Mb 12 V-cylinder of 500hp
2 machine-guns MAC 34 of 7.7mm in the fuselage



719 Nieuport Delage of the family Nid 62 have been built since the date of the first flight on 1930 . They are divided into :

  • 25 Nieuport-Delage NiD 42
  • 320 Nieuport-Delage Nid 62 C1
  • 308 Nieuport-Delage Nid 622
  • 4 Nieuport-Delage NiD 72
  • 12 Nieuport-Delage NiD 626
  • 50 Nieuport-Delage Nid 62

To date, out of the 719 aircrafts manufactured , 38 are listed in the list below :



The NiD 622 descends in a straight line from the Nieuport NiD 42, the design of which dates back to 1927. The latter have a big defects in stability which were corrected in part by an increase in the surface of the horizontal stabilizer and the rudder. The machine is more stable, but performance remains very perfectible.

The state commissioned a first batch of 25 machines in January 1928. Under the designation of NiD 62 C1, followed by 100 additional exemplaries in October 1928. Although exceeded by the aircrafts of the new program C1 of 1928, 140 NiD 62 are still ordered for the Military Air Force (Future Air Force), and 50 for the future Naval Aviation.

The Nid 62, despite the modifications, remained centered too rear, and caused several accidents. To solve these problems, the surface of the Upper Wing is reduced, and a new lighter engine, the Hispano suiza 12 Md was mounted on the cell which becomes the NiD 622. 350 NiD 622 will be ordered and delivered between 1931 and 1935 .

Ultimate version, the NiD 629 is equipped with the engine Hispano Suiza 12 Mdsh with compressor, which did not prevent it from being surpassed by aircrafts in service within the Air Force, such as the Morane-Saulnier MS225 or the Dewoitine D500 faster of nearly 100 Km / h.

From 1937, the 233 Nieuport-Delage NiD 62, 622 or 629 were gradually withdrawn from service. 84 of them are assigned to the Regional Air Defense Light Groups (GARALD), the others being distributed in the Fighter Schools.

At the mobilization in August 1939, 107 exemplaries are still present in the Regional Squadrons of Fighter (ERC) which replaced the GARALD. However, they are replaced rapidly by D501, then by "modern" single-engine, Bloch 152 or MS406, when these ERCs give birth to the GC. In addition, some forty machines are still present in North Africa.

Survivors are permanently removed from combat units and will only be used in schools or as liaison units. At the Armistice, 17 Nieuport Delage will be counted, and all will be scrapped soon after.



Nid 42
First version of the family, he won the C1 fighter competition of 1924. His fuselage is monocoque in plywood. It has an parasol wing. It is equipped with a 500h Liquid-cooled Hispano-Suiza 12Hb engine. Its armament consists of 2 Vickers 7.7mm Machine Guns. In the tests, it shows a great instability, and a small lower wing is added to reinforce the canopy and to increase the maneuverability: the plane becomes a Sesquiplan
Nid 52
All-metal version of the Nid42. Its wing area is reduced by 0.4m � and the stabilizer is enlarged: the assembly increasing the volume of Stab, increases the stability. The "airplane all steel" formula is little appreciated in France, it is in Spain that e Nid52 will find the commercial success and will equip the Spanish air forces in 1927
Nid 72
All-metal version very close to the Nid52 which made its first flight in January 1928. Its wing covering is in Duralumin leaves to replace the classic Nid52 interlining. The aircraft is lighter than 200 kg; Its engine is a Hispano-Suiza 12Lb 600ch, and its armament receives two additional machine guns in the wings
Nid 62

This version makes its first flight in January 1928. It remained very close to the original version Nid42. Its construction is also mixed Wood / Steel, but its wings and its empennage adopt the dimension of the Nid52. Its defects of stability have almost disappeared, but it goes into a spin flat too easily because of a centering too much before, the fins are not effective, and its train too narrow leads to accidents on the landing..

Nid 622
Version created to eliminate Nid62 defects. The design of the wing is retouched and its surface is reduced by 1.69m �.
Nid 629

This version is based on a Nid622 equipped with a Szydlowski Planiol compressor. He made his test flights in 1933 before being assigned as a unit in 1935



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