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CAO 200


Technical Specifications
Single-seat fighter with low wings and retractable landing gear
Date first flight
January 31, 1939
9,50 m
8,90 m 
Wing Area
13,30 m2
Empty Weight
1500 Kg 
Max. Takeoff Weight
2500 Kg 
Cruising Speed
Maximum Speed
550 km/h at 6000m
Climbing Speed
Service ceilling
11000 m
2 Hours
1 Pilot
1 Engine Hispano Suiza 12 Y-31 12 Cylinders inline Liqud-cooled of 860 Hp
1 cannon Hispano-Suiza of 20mm in the axis of the propeller



A single exemplary was built. A command of 12 exemplaries of pre-series was been thought of as experiment, but the events will not allow to honor it.



In 1937, the Ministry of Air issued a new program C1. The previous one, in 1934 had seen the victory of the Morane-Saulnier MS405 to the detriment especially of the Loire-Nieuport LN161. For this new program C1, the Company has become SNCAO after the nationalizations, conceives the CAO 200. This one is of modern design with a tubular structure welded covered with Duralumin. Wings are equipped with beaks of leading edges. It is expected to equip it with the Hispano-Suiza 12Y-51 engine of 1100hp, but it is a 12Y-31, less powerful, 830hp, which is mounted for its first flight on 31st January 1939.

This first flight caused some modifications: the stabilizer receives small vertical rudders at the ends, and the aircraft is equipped with propulsion exhaust pipes that can gain about 15 km / h. approximately. The performances obtained are interesting, but it is finally the Dewoitine D520 that is retained and launched in series. A pre-series of 12 aircraft is nevertheless ordered, but none of them will be built before the Armistice.

The prototype continues its attempts to prepare this pre-series and is assigned to the defense of Villacoublay. On 24 May 1940, the civilian pilot, M. Demazière, even managed to shot down a Heinkel 111! At the Armistice, the aircraft was captured by the Germans at Villacoublay, and it disappeared in the turmoil.


1 ) _ Editions LELA PRESSE ; Hors Série Avions n°7
- La Chasse Française inconnue Mai-Juin 1940


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