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POTEZ 60 "Sauterelle"


Technical Specifications
Two-seater for training with parasol wing and fixed landing gear
Date first flight
August 1934
10,0 m 
6,97 m 
2,35 m 
Wing Area
14,0 m2 
Empty Weight
286 Kg 
Max. Takeoff Weight
547 Kg 
Cruising Speed
Maximum Speed
150 km/h
Climbing Speed
1000m in 7mn 30s 
Service ceilling
3500 m 
720 kms
2 men
1 Engine Potez 3B of 60 Hp
No armament



156 Potez 60 were built since the date by the first flight, in August 1934

To date, of the 156 aircrafts manufactured, 156 are listed in the list below :


Building on the success of the Potez 36, then 43, the Potez company launched in 1934, a lightweight aircraft of simple design: the Potez 60. This comes at a time when the Ministry of the air seeks to develop the Popular Aviation in France , to train pilots able to integrate if necessary, the ranks of the French Air Force.

The Potez 60 is a "parasol" wing-shaped monoplane and a wide-track fixed train. The apparatus, is of an "affordable" cost, 36 000 F with possibility for the Aéro_Clubs to acquire it for 17 300 F via a system of premium with the purchase, It is constructed entirely of wood and canvas, and the maintenance is reduced to the maximum. The instructor and student sit in two cockpits in tandem, the more remote being reserved for the apprentice. The instrumentation is minimalist and the apparatus being deprived of radio, the communication between the two crew members them had to be done by signs or by acoustic horn. It is powered by an air-cooled three-cylinder Potez-Anzani 3B 3-cylinder 60ch engine with a two-blade wooden propeller. Its wing surface and low weight allow it to fly very slowly, a very popular quality for a school plane. He received the diminutive of "Grasshopper" to illustrate the rebounds he often made during landings at the hands of inexperienced pilots ...

The Ministry of Air ordered 250 aircraft but only 155 will be built and distributed in different Aero-clubs of France. The Popular Front being at the origin of this desire to promote Light Aviation, the Potez 60 delivered in Aero-Club were predominantly red ... The entire production will be carried out in the workshops of SNCAN Méaulte ( National Society of Aeronautical Constructions of the North), which regrouped, after the nationalization, the factories Amiot, ANF Les Mureaux, CAMS and Potez.

At the declaration of War, the Potez 60, were seized, like many other civil aircrafts, by the Air Force and poured into the flying schools, but after the Armistice, many planes were destroyed.

In 1945, at liberation, the production resumed a time to fill the losses due to the conflict.


The potez 60 was produced in one version.



Editions LELA PRESSE ; Collection "Histoire de l'Aviation"
- No30 : Les avions POTEZ par jean-Louis Coroller et Michel Ledet


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