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Technical Specifications
Three-engine transport Aircraft with low wings and fixed landing gear
Date first flight
Wing Area
63,80 m2 
Empty Weight
4300 Kg 
Max. Takeoff Weight
6500 Kg 
Cruising Speed
238 km/h. 
Maximum Speed
264 km/h
Climbing Speed
Service ceilling
5100 m 
1050 kms
3 men
3 engines Gnôme Rhône 7K Titan Major of 350 Hp each
10 Passengers



20 Wibault of the series 280T was built since the date by the first flight in 1930. They so distribute :

  • 1 Wibault 280T
  • 1 Wibault 281T
  • 8 Wibault 282T (Among which Wibault 280T et le 281T reconfigured)
  • 10 Wibault 283T

To date, of the 18 aircrafts manufactured, 18 are listed in the list below :



In 1930, the "Chantiers de Penhoet de Saint-Nazaire" presented the Wibault 280T at the Salon de l'Aéronautique. The aircraft is a monoplan triplane with low wing cantilever and fixed landing gear. It is of entirely metallic construction, covered in duralumin. It is powered by 3 Hispano-Suiza 9QA 300hp and can carry 10 passengers and three crew members. He made his first flight to Villacoublay in November 1930. A second prototype is built from the 280T: re-engineered by 3 Gnome-Rhône 7Kb 300ch, it becomes the Wibault 281T.

The first version of the series is the Wibault 282T equipped with 3 Gnome-Rhône 7Kd engines of 350ch. It is built in 6 copies, plus Wibault 280 and 281T which are reconfigured.

The ultimate version is the Wibault 283T which made its first flights in 1934. Its autonomy is improved by the adoption of larger tanks and its empennage is changed. Its performance is improved thanks to the adoption of new fairings of hoods and more efficient Ratier propellers. The Wibault 282T and 283T are used by the airlines "Air Union", "CIDNA" and "Air France" on airlines in the Mediterranean, Africa, the East and Europe. "Air Union" operated in particular the Wibault 282T on the Paris-London line in 1933. In use, the aircraft is appreciated for its reliability, but it is necessary to deplore the accidental loss of three aircraft and their passengers.

At the outbreak of hostilities, some Wibault will be requisitioned by the Air Force and assigned to transport.

Two aircraft will be sold to the Portuguese company "Aero-Portuguesa" who operated from 1941 on the line Lisbon-Tangier-Casablanca.


Wibault 280T
Prototype powered by 3 Hispano-Suiza 9Qa of 300ch. He made his first flight in November 1930
Wibault 281T
This version is identical to Wibault 280T but remotorized by 3 Gnome-Rhône 7Kb 300ch
Wibault 282T
Version taking the cell of Wibault 281T but re-engineered by 3 Gnome-Rhône 7Kd of 350ch. The only copy of the Wibault 281T, remotorized, is part of the 8 Wibault 282T
Wibault 283T
Version still powered by 3 Gnome-Rhône 7Kd of 350hp, but its autnomy is improved with the adoption of larger tanks, it has fairings and more efficient propellers that improve its performance; The design of his empennage is also modified.



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