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Technical Specifications
Four-engine transport aircraft with low wing and retractable landing gear
Date first flight
July 27, 1938
Wing Area
57,15 m2 
Empty Weight
5500 Kg 
Max. Takeoff Weight
8380 Kg 
Cruising Speed
400 km/h. 
Maximum Speed
465 km/h
Climbing Speed
Service ceilling
6000 m 
1000 kms
2 men
4 engines Gnôme Rhône 14M-5 of 660 Hp each
12 Passengers



Only one POTEZ 662 were built since the date of the first flight on July 27, 1938. It will be registered "F-ARAY"



In 1937, the Potez Company, integrated into the SNCAN (National Company of Aeronautical Constructions of the North) since the nationalization, presents a commercial quadrimotor: The Potez 661. Of entirely metallic construction, it is a monoplane with low cantilever wing capable of take away 12 passengers. It has 6 portholes per side, one per seat and two access doors on the left. Two of the seats can be disassembled and replaced with deck chairs for long flights. It also has a closed cockpit with the pilot and co-pilot installed side by side. The wing is tapered with a sloped leading edge and the landing gear retracts into the engine nacelles. The stabilizer has a strong dihedron and receives two vertical drifts. He made his first flight on July 18, 1937. Only one copy will be built. Nicknamed "City of Bamako", it will be used by the company "Air Afrique" on the Dakar / Pointe Noire line.

The potez 662 is a derivative of the Potez 661. It is powered by 4 Gnome and Rhône 14Mars from 680hp to 4000m equipped with three-blade propellers with variable pitch. The performance is greatly improved. Of identical design, the structure is however reinforced to adapt to the constraints related to the more powerful engines and the mass of the apparatus which passes from 6326kg to 8380kg. The wing weight is logically higher: it goes from 100kg / m² to 130kg / m². The wing is modified with a straight leading edge and a trailing edge inclined on the outer parts of the wing. The range is improved by adopting additional tanks with a capacity of 6870 liters of fuel.

Built for Air France, it made its first flight on July 27, 1938 in Meaulte, piloted by the SNCAN pilot: Mr Labouchère. After the outbreak of hostilities, the apparatus is placed at the disposal of the Minister Secretary of State for War in 1939. At the Armistice, he is in the Free Zone, and is requisitioned by the Vichy Government in July 1940. Leaves his camouflage painting and registered F-ARAY, it is used by Marshal Pétain as a liaison device until July 25, 1941. He is then assigned to the new Minister of War, General Hutzinger. He had the apparatus painted, the motto of the Second Army he commanded in 1940: "The most is in us"

It is at the return of an inspection tour in AFN, that the plane, from Algiers and to Vichy, crashed on November 12, 1941 in the town of Bréau-et-Salagosse in the Gard . General Huntziger and the six other passengers and crews perished in the accident. It seems that it is the frost which weighs down the apparatus and led to its fall. A commemorative stela immortalizes the accident near the point of fall and another one was erected a kilometer from the Minier Pass.


Potez 661
First four-engine of the brand Potez. Cantilever cantilever cantilever monoplane of metal construction. It is powered by four Renault 6Q in-line 220 hp. It can carry 12 passengers. Only one copy made.
Potez 662
Version powered by 4 Gnome and Rhone 14Mars of 680hp. Increased autonomy with additional tank. Only one copy made.



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Aviation Française Magazine Juin / Juillet 2006


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