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Bloch MB210


Technical Specifications
Bomber medium five-seat with low wings and retractable landing gear
Date first flight
November 23, 1934
22.80 m 
18.82 m 
6.70 m 
Wing Area
72 m2 
Empty Weight
6400 Kg 
Max. Takeoff Weight
10200 Kg 
Cruising Speed
275 km/ 3950m 
Maximum Speed
322 km/h at 3500m 
Climbing Speed
4000m in 11mn
Service ceilling
9900 m 
1300kms with 1500kg of bombs
5 Men
2 Radial Engine Gnôme & Rhône 14 cyl 14N-10/11 air-cooled of 950 Hp at 3650m
1 mobile machine-gun MAC 34 of 7.5mm in front
1 machine-gun MAC 34 of 7.5mm in ventral position

machine-gun MAC 34 of 7.5mm in dorsal position
1400 Kgs of bombs



277 Bloch MB 210 have been built since the date of the first flight on November 23, 1934 : 253 Exemplaries for the French Air Force and 24 solded to the Roumania. The Bloch MB 210 is built in only one version.

To date, out of the 277 aircraft manufactured , 39 are listed in the list below :



Bloch MB210 is a aircraft of transition between the bombers of former conception with high wings and fixed landing gear (Amiot 143) and those of modern conception with retractable train and wings to cantilever (LéO 451).The Bloch MB210 is a fully metallic aircraft designed as a Bloch MB200, of which it is the descendant. It responds to a formal request to obtain a night bomber that can carry out torpedo missions if necessary.

The first prototype made its first flight in November 1934, powered by two Gnome-Rhone 14Kdrs / grs Mistral Major of 800Cv and equipped with a fixed train. A first order of 80 aircraft is launched by the Ministry of Air and the first MB210 of series flies on December 12, 1935 equipped with a retractable train and motorized by GR 14 Kirs / jrs. Three 7.5mm machine guns in turrets ensure defense. The second unit already incorporates a modification: the outer parts of the wing have a larger dihedral. A second order for 181 aircraft was issued at the end of 1936, and the manufacture was distributed, as for the first order, to various manufacturers, such as Potez, Hanriot, Breguet, ANF les mureaux and Renault. The following year, the number of MB210s to be built was increased to 257 copies, 24 of which were reserved for Romania, deliveries lasted until August 1938.

In service, the MB210 quickly acquired a bad reputation following a series of accidents due to motor overheating and it is nicknamed "Coffin Volant". The aircraft was forbidden to fly in September 1937 until re-powered with Gnome-Rhone 14 N-10/11 better cooled and more powerful (950Cv).

At declaration of war, 238 MB210 still equipped the Bombardment groups. Exceeded like the MB200 or the Amiot 143, it was retired from service as early as September 1939, but the lack of more modern aircraft will force some units to continue to fight with these machines.

At the Armistice, 120 Bloch MB210 will be rescued in service. They will therefore be confined to targeting roles, or as an instructional aircraft. During the invasion of the Free Zone, the Germans will seize the last 37 aircraft still active.



The Bloch MB 210 was therefore manufactured in only one version.

However, there may be mentioned a derivative:

Bloch MB 211 : It is identical to the prototype of the MB 210, but equipped with water-cooled Hispano Suiza 860 Cv engines. Constructed as a single copy, it will be exhibited at the Salon de l'Aeronautique in 1934. It will take off for the first time on 29 August 1935



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