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Technical Specifications
Single-engined aircraft of Transport biplane with fixed landing gear
Date first flight
14,50 m 
10,68 m 
3,57 m 
Wing Area
48,27 m2
Empty Weight
1500 Kg 
Max. Takeoff Weight
2700 Kg 
Cruising Speed
Maximum Speed
219 km/h
Climbing Speed
3000m in 15mn  
Service ceilling
4500 m
500 kms
2 men
1 Engine Lorraine 12Eb of 450 Hp
5 passengers



123 Potez 29 ont été construits dont 120 pour l'Armée de l'Air Française. Seule la version Potez-29-2, utilisée par l'Armée de l'Air. sera abordée dans la liste.

To date, of the 123 aircrafts manufactured, 20 are listed in the list below :


The Potez 29 is a derivative version of the Potez 25, intended for civil and military transport. The wing, tailplane, landing gear, and the Lorraine 12Eb 450hp engine are retained, the main modification concerning the deeply reworked fuselage. Its section is greatly enlarged to allow it to accommodate five passengers in addition to the two crew members, all in a cabin now closed. The prototype of the Potez 29 performs its flight tests from 1927.

Eleven versions will be available, the first Potez 29-2 aircraft being delivered to Yugoslav airline "Aeroput". The French company "CIDNA" (International Air Navigation Company) receives 13 copies of Potez 29-4, the LARES (Liniile Aerienne Romane Exploatate of Statul 2) using the other two Potez 29-4, but it is it. Air Force French who will be the largest user with the version Potez 29-2. The other versions are differentiated by their motorization, or by their equipment designed to transform them into a Raid device.

The apparatus, is used abundantly in the French colonies where it comes to renforce the squadrons of Potez 25. The Potez 29 will realize until 1945, missions in the service of the population, or the Army as apparatus of medical evacuation, or simply transporting equipment.

Finally the surviving aircraft were assigned to the GTI / 15 and GT II / 15 transport groups, some of which will be destroyed on the ground by Allied hunters during the landing in North Africa.


Potez 29-1
Prototype powered by a Lorraine-Dietrich 12 Eb and Gnome and Rhône 9 Ady
Potez 29-2
Military version powered by a Lorraine-Dietrich 12 Eb 450 hp
Potez 29-3   Description to be confirmed
Potez 29-4
Civil version powered by a Gnome and Rhone radial Ady 480 of 480ch used by the airline CIDNA
Potez 29-5   Description to be confirmed
Potez 29-6
Motorized photographic version by a Lorraine 14Ac of 500hp
Potez 29-7   Commercial version powered by a Lorraine-Dietrich 12 Eb
Potez 29-8
Civil prototype powered by an in-line engine Renault 12 Jb 450hp
Potez 29-9   Description to be confirmed
Potez 29-10   Description to be confirmed
Potez 29-11
Two-seater motorized by a radial engine Salmson 18 Ab e 500ch. It has an extended fuselage and has a more important tank.



Editions LELA PRESSE ; Collection "Histoire de l'Aviation"
- No30 : Les avions POTEZ par jean-Louis Coroller et Michel Ledet


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