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Technical Specifications
Civil transport three-engined aircraft with high wings and fixed landing gear
Date first flight
July 1928
Wing Area
40,20 m2 
Empty Weight
925 Kg 
Max. Takeoff Weight
1678 Kg 
Cruising Speed
165 km/h. 
Maximum Speed
200 km/h
Climbing Speed
2000m in 17m 48s 
Service ceilling
5150 m 
850 kms
1 Pilot
1 Engine Gnôme Rhône 5B of 230 Hp
4 Passengers



126 Farman F190s and derivatives have been built since the date of the first flight in July 1928. Only the two main versions: F190 and F192 are listed in the list below. Many F190s have been remotorized and transformed into F192

To date, of the 85 F190 and F192 aircrafts manufactured, 85 are listed in the list below :


Faced with the success in the United States of four-seater of tourism mono-engines, several French aeronautical companies, including Farman, are embarking on this path.

Farman therefore offers the F190, a simple construction device made of wood with a high rectangular wing and fixed landing gear. It is powered by a robust and reliable Gnome & Rhone 5 Ba of 230ch driving a two-bladed propeller. The four passengers and the crew accessed the aircraft through two doors on the right side.

The aircraft made its first flights in September 1928 and the first tests will lead to some modifications, including the rectangular wing which is equipped with trapezoidal salmon. The first prototype registered F-AIVP is followed by the F-AIXL, proposed in sanitary transport version able to carry two recumbent wounded.

The aircraft has enjoyed some commercial success thanks to its robustness and it has been used in particular by airlines such as Air Union, Air Orient or Air France. The aircraft made many raids in Africa, Asia or Middle East, and knew many derivatives mainly by change of the motorization

When the war was declared in 1939, many F190 Farmans and derivatives were requisitioned by the Air Force and used as a liaison aircraft. Few of them survived the conflict, but one can still see today a copy preserved at the Museum of Air and Space at Bourget, Paris: F190 No. 35 and registered F-AJJB


126 Farman F190s and derivatives have been built since the date of the first flight in July 1928. Only the versions that have been made to at least one copy are listed below..

Farman F190
Main version of the series motorized by Gnome Rhône 5B 230ch which made its first flight in July 1938
Farman F190/1
Built on a private initiative by Henri Potez: the F190 / 1 receives a 2nd engine above the wing. It was tried in flight late 1932, but remained without result.
Farman F191
Version ordered by Portugal and powered by a Gnome-Rhône 5kc Titan IV 240hp. Equipped with a tank at the front, behind the engine bulkhead, the windshield was removed and replaced by a periscope and the addition of two additional windows on the blanks of the aircraft. The raid for which it was planned never took place, but militarized, it remained in service in Portugal for topographic surveys
Farman F192
With the F190, it is the 2nd most produced version. It is motorized by a Salmson 9Ab of 230ch driving a two-blade metal propeller. He made his first flight at the end of 1930.
Farman F192/1
F192 equipped with a more powerful engine: the Salmson 9Aba of 280ch. One of the two copies built is a modified basic F192.
Farman F193
Version powered by a farman 9Ea reduced by 250ch; Among the eight examples identified, some of them come from other versions modified to standard F193
Farman F193/1
Modified version based on F193 # 1 modified to accommodate an F392 fuselage associated with a Farman 9Ebr engine resulting in a quadripal propeller. This will be Maurice Farman's personal plane
Farman F194
Version powered by a Hispano-suiza 6Mb of 250ch online. This model is produced from 1929.
Farman F195
This three-seater reconnaissance version, originally planned with a Farman 9Eb engine of 250, it will finally adopt a 230B Salmon 9AB, less powerful, but more economical. This aircraft was bought by Venezuela in six copies to equip its air forces.
Farman F196
Colonial version of metal construction and motorized by a Gnome-Rhône 7kb 300ch. presented to the technical services at the end of 1932. after these tests, he went back to the factory for modifications, and resumed his tests in November 1933, but the abandonment of the colonial program would put an end to its development.
Farman F197
Version powered by a Lorraine 7Mb of 240ch driving a metal propeller. The aircraft had an additional tank installed in the wing. Of the 9 copies, some are from other versions and modified to adopt the standard F197
Farman F198
Version powered by a Renault 9A radial engine of 250hp. Both copies are produced in 1930
Farman F199
Motorized version by a Lorraine Algol of 300ch. Destined for "Colonial Tourism", and produced in 1930, it is recognizable by the adoption of square windows instead of traditional portholes.



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