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Technical Specifications
Mono-seat Biplane Fighter
Date first flight
January 6, 1933
7,46 m 
Wing Area
Empty Weight
Max. Takeoff Weight
Cruising Speed
324 km/h at 1000m
Maximum Speed
370 km/h at 4500m 
Climbing Speed
5000m in 5mn 30s 
Service ceilling
1 Pilot
1 Engine Hispano Suiza 12Xbrs in V of 690ch à 4000m
4 machine-guns MAC 34 of 7.5mm
1 Engine Cannon HS 12 XCrs on the last two planes of the series



61 Blériot Spad 510 were made during the short career of this aircraft finally without great qualities

To date, out of the 61 Bleriot-Spad manufactured, 20 are listed in the list below :



The Blériot-Spad is the result of a program of 1930 to renovate the Fighter Aviation. It is the only one of all the competing aircraft, (Loire 43, Mureaux 170, Morane Saulnier MS325, ...) to adopt the formula biplane. Designed by André Herbemont of the Blériot Sté, it is entirely metallic with a monocoque fuselage in Duralumin while the wings and tail fins are covered. It is equipped with a Hispano-Suiza engine 12Xbrs of 690 hp.

The Blériot company having financial difficulties, it was not until January 6, 1933 that the prototype made its first flight. Despite satisfactory performances, the Blériot Spad 510 undergoes modifications : the fuselage extends by 40 cm to improve the longitudinal stability and the vertical tail is enlarged to improve the yaw behavior. It also receives equipment for the night flight, as well as a radio.

The career of this aircraft could have stopped there: after a test, the plane is declared "Dangerous" due to an untimely spinning. It was only after a series of 78 spins carried out without incident that the doubts were lifted and the plane ordered in series, for 60 specimens. The first Spad 510 was delivered in early 1936, and the GC II / 7 (7 Wing) received its first aircraft on April 15, 1937, much to late for an aircraft whose program dates back to 1930 ...

An acrobatic patrol of 21 aircraft, led by Commander René Weiser of GC II / 7, then traveled to France for acrobatics demonstrations under the name "Patrouille WEISER". The aircraft is gradually removed from the first-line units, replaced by Morane 406 in particular. In September 1939, there were still 49 in service: 13 in the fighter Schools, 5 still in 7 Wing, and 31 in the Regional Fighter Squadrons. They equip during the funny war the ERC 4/561 of Le Havre and ERC 3/561 of Villacoublay.

In May 1940, there are still 42 Blériot Spad 510, 21 of them in a fighter school. This plane, old-fashioned, fortunately never knew the fighting, and the 14 aircraft still present at the armistice will be quickly scrapped.



This aircraft has known only one version, except the Canon Engine mounted on the last two planes of the series



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