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My name is Pascal POLY. I was born in the last century, in 1965 and I am fascinated by aviation since my early childhood.

This passion for the aviation confirmed over the years, with the realization of the classic models Heller or Matchbox. My choices already concerned to the French planes, with models of Breguet 693, Amiot 143, Morane 406, while my friends realized rather Spitfire or Messerschmitt Me109. The time of the wooden models came then, of whom a magnificent Dewoitine 520 with engine with rubber band and landing gear which went out at the end of tension of rubber band : I still remember smells, in my room, filler Nitro-cellulosique used to stretch out the paper Japan !


To find the origin of the site, we must go back to 35 years, at a time when the Internet obviously did not exist ... Teenager, I initialized the first sheets of my favorite aircrafts on school notebooks, ranging to cut out pictures of planes in magazines "Fanatics of Aviation", with the unconsciousness of youth! Being mainly interested in World War II, I was very quickly fascinated by the French Air Force, so different and endearing, where the modern and the old were mixed like nowhere else. This period allowed me to build a diversified database, completed over the years.


The first computers allowed me to put everything together in Excel files whose tabs, linked by macros, have generated a set for the less heavy and impractical ... It is the arrival of Internet and HTML language that allowed me to build a site and that made me want to share it.

Compared to my initial objectives, I estimate my site advanced to about 60%, and despite the desire to complete it as much as possible before publishing it, we must accept the idea that it will never be Completely finished ... The subject is so vast! I would like to be able to put a face on each of the 3160 crew members identifed so far, to be able to deliver a bit of their history, their lives, for a modest tribute to those men who fought an unequal battle.

I invite you to discover this site which will enrich itself regularly, and if you wish, to make supplements, patches, by writing me via the link "contact me"







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