In this section are listed all the citations given to pilots and crew members of the Air Force and published in the Official Journal. They concern only the fights of the "Funny War" and those of the Campaign of France. You will not find here citations published under the colors of the Air Force Vichy
The citations presented in the following pages, were published in the Official Journal between September 1, 1939 and February 11, 1944, date from which no further citation concerning the events of 1939/1940 was published.

The citations are grouped by speciality : Fighting, Reconnaissance and Bombardment

We can find different types of citations: posthumous or not, with or without the attribution of War Crosses, ...
Sometimes, the same citation can appear several times, on different dates : indeed, it can be identified, at first, as a citation to the order of the Air Force, then in second publication, is added the phrase "posthumously": this is the most common case.

The analysis and ranking of the citations allowed me to complete my list of crew members and pilots present on this site. I was able to add 257 new names and 477 names on already existing names.

In the list of pages of this topic, are listed 2454 Citatons distributed as follows:

- Fighter Pilots : 1104 Citations

- Bombardment : 711 Citations

- Reconnaissance : 639 Citations

Note : the citations listed are from the "Source / National Library of France"







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