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Non-Flying Personnel

n these pages are listed the Non-Navigating Personnel of Combat Groups and Squadrons. These men, whether they are Mechanics, Doctors, Accountants, Soldiers of the Air Companies,... have allowed the Squadrons to continue to exist and the Pilots to carry out their Missions in spite of the extremely difficult conditions.

The Mechanics have done a fantastic job to keep the maximum number of aircraft operational despite the damage caused by fighting or accidents. They have sometimes been helped in this by men from the Compagnies de l'Air who have occasionally become "Mechanical Assistants". These Mechanics sometimes did not hesitate to intervene in German-occupied territory, to repair an aircraft that could be saved and recovered. Very strong bonds will bind the pilots to their mechanics in a mutual respect.

It seemed right to me here, to pay tribute to all these men about whom so little is said, and whom History will soon forget.

395 Men are listed here, divided as follows:

- 225 Mechanics
- 21 Foreign Mechanics
- 42 Men of various specialties: Doctors, Accountants, Communications Officers,.
- 107 Air Troop Man