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Lieutenant Victor ANCET



Source : Mr Robert ANCET, son of Lieutenant Victor ANCET

1 - His military career:

Victor ANCET was born on 5th October 1911 in Saint-Jean du Gard (30 - Gard).

On 24th May 1932, Victor ANCET signed a 4-year voluntary commitment in the Air Force and joined the Lyon base as a mechanics student. He is assigned to 2eme Compagnie de Dépot. He joined the 55th Wing in April 1933.

On March 27th 1936, he signed a first one-year resignation, and a second one on May 24th 1937. In the meantime, Victor Ancet obtained the title of EOR (Elève Officier de Réserve) on April 20, 1937 and was appointed second lieutenant on October 10, 1937, when he was transferred to the 22 Wing. He was authorised to extend his contract for a further two years on 24 May 1938, before being mobilised when the conflict broke out in the summer of 1939. Lieuntant Victor ANCET will carry out a large part of the French Campaign within the GR II/22 before being assigned to the GR II/14 on 5 May 1940. He stayed there until August 1941, when he joined the Ecole de l'Air de Salon.

On 8 November 1942, the Allies landed in North Africa, which led to the invasion of the Free Zone by the Germans on 11 November 1942. The Vichy army was disbanded, and Lieutenant Victor ANCET was demobilised from the Ecole de l'Air de Salon and placed on 30-day leave, renewable until 1 March 1943. He was then placed on Armistice leave before being recalled to the Lyon base from 1 May 1943 to 1 June 1944.

Victor ANCET was placed on a three-year leave of absence from June 1, 1944 and was definitively withdrawn from active service on June 1, 1947.

Successive grades of Victor ANCET :

Soldat 2eme Classe
May 25, 1932
October 27, 1933
October 26, 1934
December 13, 1934
Reserve Sub- Lieutenant
October 10, 1937
Reserve Lieutenant
October 10, 1939
Sub Lieutenant of Active
March 15, 1940
Lieutenant of d'Active
August 15, 1942

Brevet obtained :

Radio Mechanic
Brevet No3
July 25, 1934
Radiotelegrapher in Plane
Brevet No346
June 29, 1935
Parachutist Instructor
Brevet No32
November 27, 1936
Aircraft Observer
Brevet No3717
October 10, 1937
Aircraft Commander
May 1st, 1940


2 - Victor ANCET, a passionate and inventive man :

This ex officer of the French Air Force was passionate about science and technology: Louis-Victor Ancet indeed focused his activities on study and research.
Curious and skeptical at the same time, he defines himself as an inventor by profession and, as an irrefutable proof, the list of patents he has filed is impressive, some of which are listed below.

Mr Robert ANCET allowed me to discover an audio recording of his father who tells here, his commitments, his inventions

Here are some inventions of Mr Victor ANCET

- Apparatus for forming of Morse signals
- Circular loom (1st prize at the Lyon Fair in 1928, at the age of 17) Patent 1952
- All the patents concerning weaving devices (more than one hundred)
- Safety device for elevators

Continuing his studies of mathematics and physics (and in particular of electromagnetic fields), Louis-Victor Ancet felt irritated by the inconsistencies encountered in Einstein's postulate and by all the publicity made around this man, publicity which overshadowed the patient work of illustrious predecessors, such as Lorentz for relativity and Gustave Le Bon for the dematerialization of the matter.
In addition to the negative ideas contained in this critique, Victor Ancet has constructive ideas about Relativity that could lead to a final solution.
It is for these reasons that he wanted to gather his reflections in his book: "The Relativistic Misadventure" which could have been entitled : "Relativity, kingdom of contradiction"
He's also the author of a book published in 1964 entitled «New Theory of Relativity and Electrodynamics»